Taste article

The first step towards quality is taken with the choice of ingredients. This is the philosophy that inspires the Unione Fabbriche Mostarda Mantovana, a fruit and vegetable company founded in Viadana, in the province of Mantua, in 1890. It is founded by a group of local grocers who, in addition to mustard, also sold soaps and nougat.

"It can be said that we produce ourselves, in our fruit and vegetable company, so much is the identification with our typical products, starting with the fruit and vegetables we use fresh for the preparation of our artisan mustards" immediately explains Mario Valli, owner of the company. . The second step towards quality, on the other hand, is taken during the production processes. The company's workmanship has in fact remained artisanal, with a great human contribution at every stage. "This does not mean that those men and women do not have the best and most advanced tools at their disposal," the company manager explains. The third step towards quality is that of the cult of mustards. "We work and create products that we love to eat and we produce them in line with our expectations of flavor and authenticity".

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