Sabbioneta-Terre Destra Oglio Delegation - convivial meeting, awarding of prizes and initiative

The Delegation of Sabbioneta-Terre Destra Oglio intended to give particular emphasis to the convivial meeting in December which traditionally represents an opportunity for the exchange of gifts and Christmas wishes. The event was held at the Villa Cantoni Marca Restaurant, a historic residence which was formerly a hotel and adjoining restaurant, recently renovated. In this very pleasant location the young chef Francesco Ricciuto and his partner Miriam, maître d 'dining room, enthusiastically welcomed the first visit of the Italian Academy of Cuisine. In addition to the presence of all the academics and most of the family members, the evening saw the participation of numerous guests. In fact, we wanted to celebrate on a single occasion the recipients of the various prizes awarded in 2021: “Massimo Alberini” Award to Massimo Danini of “Danini Carni” for the excellence and consistency of the products; “Dino Villani” Award to Mario Valli of “GAM Srl” for the Viadanese Mostarda; “Dino Villani” Award to Ernesto Grazzi of “Grazzi Salumi” for the shortcrust ciccioli. Another important event of the evening was represented by the gift, to the civic libraries, of the book “History of Italian cuisine in comics” published by the Academy. The mayors of the respective municipalities of Sabbioneta, Commessaggio and Viadana have enthusiastically joined the initiative whose cultural purpose they shared. The libraries of the other Municipalities in the territory of the Delegation will be reached shortly. The quality of the menu, the curiosity, the interest in the aims and purposes of the Academy as well as the conviviality of those present gave substance to a successful initiative.

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